Old Pine

Bois Old Pine

Old White

Bois Old White

White Wash

Bois White Wash

Old Wood

Bois Old Wood

White Sweep

Bois White Sweep

Sweet Honey

Bois Sweet Honey


The OLD PINE style instantly provides a warm and natural atmosphere in your shop thanks to its method of aging and its blend of colours. It was created to look like the appearance of wood that has aged out. This style is in perfect harmony with the products of “terroir”.



The OLD WHITE style gives a real character to your store with its deliberately aged and flaky paint while remaining in the natural and modernity. Smooth and bright, it is often used in decoration, florists and clothing.



From the same decorative method as OLD PINE, the WHITE WASH style brings a feeling of lightness through its white color. Ideal for highlight the decorative objects, this style will make your original and harmonious arrangement.



The OLD WOOD style is very different from others by its beige color and especially its process. Our expertise provides a texture appearing naturally aged by time. This style, with its aged and non-smooth configuration, is mainly used to the world of wine and jeanery.



The SWEET HONEY style with its blend of bright colors, is a response to customers’ needs wanting to have a smooth surface. This modern style is perfectly suited to different worlds of goods and comes enhance their qualities.



Created in line with SWEET HONEY, the WHITE SWEEP style benefits from a mix of fresh and bright colors tending towards white. This style is corresponding with current market trends and will customize your store while highlighting the naturalness of the wood.



The shopfitting is one of the most important step in the creation or refurbishment of a store. The development of a point of sale must be combined with effective visual merchandising that will push customer to purchase. TRADIS offers 3D visual of your trade with furniture adapted to your business to help you project yourself in your ideal point of sale.

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