In this economic crisis, the retailers wish to diversify themselves by new offers or by modify the layout of their shops. Nevertheless, the offer being often expensive and complex, your customers are hesitant before taking the plunge.


The appearance of the point of sale allows to be different from the competition by having its own corporate identity.

Today several alternatives exist:

  • the use of a fitter
  • the purchasing of furniture from several distributors


The first solution being often too expensive, the retailers goes to several distributors to try having a similar set of furniture.

This is often complicated because each distributor has its own supply with specific styles and design and often very different from each other.


TRADIS offers a complete range of furniture to outfit an entire store.

Through modern and unique styles, your customers will have a real customization of its point of sale creating an atmosphere favorable to buying.

New models are regularly launched (new textures / material mix) but we remain attentive to your disposal to create specific models for each sector.

Our high reactivity allows us to deliver goods in 4-6 weeks and avoid you out of stock.

Thanks to strategical choices, we can provide furniture at a very good price / quality ratio for you to be able to offer a concept in line of the budget of your customers.