Interview with the Papilles en Délire delicatessen

Meeting with Karyne Montigny, happy owner of the Papilles en Délire grocery store in Lannion.


We wanted sturdy and above all durable furniture, solid wood was therefore an obvious choice

What is your background and how was the project born?

The project was born out of a desire for change. In 2017, I wanted to retrain myself professionally, so I trained at the École des Chefs in Fouesnant in Finistère to become a jam maker. At the end, my goal was definitely to open my own business. That why we made the decision with my husband to create Papilles en Délires.

What is the concept of your grocery store?

Following my conversion, we had a business specializing only in jam, then we had this desire to expand our range of products and since we have to live with the times, we added delicatessen and subsequently bulk !

Today, we are fortunate to offer a very wide choice of products ranging from cereals to cosmetic and hygiene products. Lots of local products and this need to meet an eco-friendly demand.


How did you create the layout of your cellar?

We first chose our premises, a place between 70 and 80m² free for 4 years which therefore had to be completely arranged. We had everything in mind with my husband. We put partitions to reduce the space and reproduce the warm aspect of a small shop, we also repainted everything while keeping some exposed stone walls which give this friendly aspect and which bring a lot of charm.

Why did you choose solid wood furniture?

We wanted sturdy and above all durable furniture. Solid wood was therefore an obvious choice and we already knew that the wood would blend perfectly with our exposed stone walls.


How did you find out about TRADIS furniture and what did you like?

We started our research on the internet and compared several styles of furniture. We immediately liked the " Wine Cellar" collection on your site! The furniture corresponded perfectly to what we were looking for in terms of appearance and functionality.


Are you satisfied with your experience with TRADIS?

Yes ! The delivery went very well. What scared us the most was the condition of the furniture at the reception, but our order arrived intact! We have always had a very good contact with customer service and are very satisfied with our furniture.

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Papilles en Délire grocery store
4 place du mirror 22300 Lannion

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