Do you need a specific layout solution or POS furniture to showcase your products and attract new customers?

In addition to our expertise onexisting ranges, TRADIS is able to adapt its products to the specificities of other business areas. We only need to understand your expectations and your constraints to offer you a range of suitable furniture that will bring your products to the foreby attracting the eye of the customer. In this way, we will bring a warm ambiance to your point of sale, adaptability to the constraints of the products and modularity of the spaces.

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Concept Design Office

Thanks to our design office, we advise and create furniture specific to each type of store, taking into account the current trends in decoration and being a creative force to bring you functionality, practicality and aesthetics. Our job is first of all to bring you layout solutions to co-design and create furniture adapted to each business for an optimized and safe presentation of your products.

Are you an architect? Shopfitters?

Do you need a specific furniture for the project of one of your customers? Are you looking for quality products and natural finishes? We are able to manufacture products from your designs and expectations. As an architect or interior designer, you will assist businesses in renovating, redesigning or optimising their existing sales space. Investing in a new interior design can significantly improve a retailer's performance.

Any professional can call on your expertise for their layout projects to ensure that their point of sale embodies a unique identity, consistent with their brand image.Together, you determine the framework of the project as a whole and this also includes the selection of furniture to improve the customer experience in a shop, facilitate circulation and make shopping more pleasant. Rethinking a sales space therefore requires furniture that is coherent: functional, adapted to business constraints, modular and in line with the theme chosen by the customer.

With TRADIS, discover qualitative and durable furniture that will bring a unique style to your shop and retail projects. Our finishes are hand-made, which makes each piece of furniture unique. Moreover, our furniture is thought in a logic of responsible consumption: manufacturing from wood from sustainably managed forests, finishes made from solvent-free paints with a VOC rate close to 0 for the respect of the planet and people's health. Choosing quality solid wood furniture is certainly an investment for your customers, but it is worth it: warm and rewarding atmosphere, an improved customer experience, a natural look related to wood.

Beyond the visual and functional aspect, we certify the respect of the standards in force for establishments receiving the public: M3 fire standard for all our furniture. Because the safety of your customers is our priority. To help you in your projects, a dedicated team is at your disposal to meet your needs, your requests for prototypes and custom-made furniture. All our furniture is created in DWG files modeling to be integrated into your 3D creations. They are also available in Sketchup. Thus, calling on TRADIS is a guarantee that you will meet your customers' expectations within a defined budget and with special attention.