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How to act in an environnemental friendly way in business

The Sustainable Development Week began on September 18 until October 8, 2021, with the aim to sensibilize as many people as possible aware of the 17 sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda, which you'll find through this website. This year the 2021 Edition has a common thread "Acting on a daily basis".

This is why we said to ourselves that it would be interesting to highlight some actions to adopt in a company to behave in a eco-responsible way. These actions can be made individually as well as collectively. And you'll see there are a lot of "little things" on a daily basis that can make the difference! At our company, Tradis-Design, we adopted these actions since a longtime because the preservation of the environment is very important for us. 

Recycle your waste

At home and in business, sorting your waste is very important and it's easy to instaure it in business. As a reminder, there are three types of waste : biowaste (like kitchen waste, meal waste, garden waste etc), recyclable waste (bottle packaging, used papers, biodegradable waste) and residual waste (those remaining after sorting, such as vacuum bags, aluminum foil, hygienic protections...). For sorting give to your employees three bins in the break room for example. 

For your information, covid masks arn't recyclable. They must be discarded in the bin of any type of disposal.

Make energy savings

Some simple actions to establish in your daily life, and your electricty consumption will decrease! For that, you can turn off the lights in empty rooms.  Prefer workstations next to windows or bay windows to promote natural light rather than turn on the lights. You can also decrease your electronic equipment consumption by choosing to turn the computers and printers off when you left your office rather set them in sleep mode. Lastly you can buy adaptors with on/off switch.

Discrease plastic consumption

In the first time think about to delete cup, mug and cutlery in plastic. You can replace it with mug or canteens in glass or in stainless steel in the image of your company. It could be an end-of-year gift for your employees with a totebag which would allow your employees to bring their lunch to bring their lunch in rather than in a plastic bag.

Now you just have to put these good practices in place, and be satisfied with yourself and your teams for your commitment to preserving the environment!

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