How to create an eco-responsible Christmas atmosphere?

At one month of christmas, time to thinking about to decorate your business to create an xmas mood is coming ! But between Christmas tree, decoration, light garland, gift wrapping, it's difficult to stay in our eco-responsible approach! So let me introduce you to some alternative consumption ideas for your business!

The choice of the christmas tree

"O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, thy leaves are so unchanging" yeah, everyone knows this song by heart, generation after generation! We love them all these x-mas trees, hence the importance of choosing one in an eco-responsible way!

These next figures are aberrant but you should know that in France 99% of Christmas tree sales are grown with synthetic phytosanitary products and 20% come from abroad! In order not to contribute to these sales, favor local productions or in nurseries! Some labels exist such as "Fleurs de France" or "Plante Bleue". Favor trees with organic certifications, you will be sure that they have grown without chemicals or pesticides.

The "France Sapin Bio" site offers you a wide choice of French Christmas trees in the Pyrenees and they are organic! You can order your tree with your eyes closed!

Another alternative to the natural tree is the zero-wast/upcycling tree! You must have seen it before ! As the name suggests, these are self-made trees with pallets, books, branches, wooden crate ... In short, you can customize it endlessly! Easy and fun, you can plan this activity with your colleagues, a breeze ☻

And about the decoration?

About decoration, opt for Christmas balls made of wood or glass! You can also make your own garland. For example, you can make a garland of dried oranges: cut orange slices and bake them in your oven for 2 hours. Then you just have to assemble them with string!

Otherwise take the opportunity, look on Le Bon Coin, on social networks or at the recycling center! You will surely find your happiness!

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Some alternatives gifts wrapping

Gift packaging that is not at all ecological, there are alternatives that are easy to use in business! For example, there is the "Furoshiki" method of wrapping these gifts with fabric. If you work in a clothing store, for example, give a second life to your old dormant stock or defective products. Use these clothes as responsible gift wrapping. I invite you to watch this DIY 

You also can reuse your old metal boxes or glass jars as gift wrapping ! The advantage is that you can customize it easily ! It's the same for wood boxes (as wine boxes for example).

Finally, kraft gift packaging is a good easy ecological alternative, because it's made of recycled paper and it fits into your eco-responsibly approach in your company!

Now you will be able to create an xmas mood in your company, while remaining in your approach to preserving the environment ! 

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