Interview with l'Epicerie l'Essentiel of Soulac-sur-Mer

It is in Soulac-sur-Mer on the Atlantic coast that the delicatessen shop L'Essentiel opened its doors last May. For its layout L'Essentiel trusted TRADIS to furnish its ground floor dedicated to its local products, in a Noir Charbonneux finish. Interview with Véronique Trottet.

How did you hear about TRADIS?

I got to know TRADIS by going to the French Awards Epicures which take place every year in Paris at the Pavillon Gabriel, that's how I discovered the furniture and the brand and when I was looking for a layout I remembered that TRADIS had its showroom in Charente-Maritime and living next door was ideal.

Did you want a black wood finish right from the start?

Actually we live in a wooden house and our kitchen is already in black! So it's an environment and rendering that we know and that went very well with the interior of our shop. What's more, black makes us forget about the furniture, which creates a contrast with the visuals on the packaging of our product ranges that we wanted to highlight. For me, what should stand out were the products and not the furniture.

Why did you choose solid wood furniture?

For the authentic side.

Did you already have in mind the layout you wanted before you started? 

Yes, I had in mind the zoning in relation to the distribution and layout of the products and of course an idea of the optimum customer circuit as a whole. 

What furniture did you choose and in order to display which products?

I mainly needed furniture to display my delicatessen products and store them, so I opted mainly for displays, shelves, decorative ladders. The display islands are a real asset for their mobility and the possibility of storage underneath, we're a fan! The size of the TRADIS furniture is well calculated which makes the shop layout and the presentation of the different products easier.

What is the surface area of your shop?

We have 100 m² on the ground floor dedicated to groceries and about 80 m² on the first floor.

What were the main difficulties you encountered?

I would say mainly to be able to project myself in order to be able to choose the furniture, the finishes and the models even if TRADIS allows us to have a sample of the chosen finish to be able to see the result.

What do you like most about TRADIS furniture?

Their functionality, modularity and quality. The mobility also of the central display units, very practical. For example, the shelves are modular, which is very practical. The ladders that are placed against the walls are also of good quality, and I am often asked if they are for sale! The finishes are also very well done.

Are you satisfied with your collaboration with TRADIS?

Yes, very satisfied with the relationship, the trust. The payment in 3x free of charge is a facility for us merchants, especially in full installation when we invest. The showroom is also an advantage when you live in the region. 

L'Essentiel Grocery Store
4 rue Victor Hugo 33780 Soulac-sur-Mer

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