What are the criteria for choosing shelving ?

Shelving is a real brain-teaser for all shopkeepers, and for different reasons: questions of aesthetics, organisation of product categories, ease of circulation in the shop, etc. This is why you should not design your shop without thinking about it in advance. This reflection is important and will enable you to create a pleasant atmosphere and to highlight your products. We have written an article on this subject which will certainly help you to see things more clearly!

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Choosing your shelving according to the space available in your shop

Good shelving is essential in any sector in order to showcase your product. The idea is to facilitate the customer's decision to buy. 

Before you start choosing your shelving, think about drawing up a layout plan for your shop and choose the products you will display according to their category. Thanks to the layout plan, you will be able to choose furniture adapted to the surface area of your business, and therefore choose the right shelving for your racking. 

The layout of your shop, and therefore the choice of shelving, is based on the customer. The customer must be the focus of attention in the layout. The products must be displayed in full view of the customer and at a sufficiently high level so that he can touch them. Placing the products too high or too low would not be interesting. 

Good shelving depends on the products to be stored

As explained above, a layout plan is a necessary step before choosing the furniture. Depending on the products you choose to display, you will be able to choose the right shelving.

It all depends on the furniture you choose, but it is possible on some of them to adapt the shelves to the height of the product, for example bottles or the possibility of putting baskets where you display your fruit and vegetables. If you sell food or clothing products, there are shelves with a small edge to prevent the bottle from falling off or metal bars that will allow you to hang your clothes on them to prevent them from falling off, for example.

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Consider the weight and volume of your products

After the space of your shop, the type of products you want to place on the shelving, the weight and volume of your products are two essential criteria to establish in order to choose a suitable shelving. 

Depending on the weight of the load, the shelves must be more or less resistant, which is why it is necessary to determine the products that will be placed on the furniture. A good load distribution on the shelf is necessary to avoid disaster. The heaviest loads should be stored at the bottom and the lightest at the top. For ease of access, this is the right thing to do. For shops, shelving can be mainly for medium or light loads. The furniture will very often be free-standing or placed on the floor. 

As you may have read, choosing your shelving is no easy task! The space of your business, the products you choose to display and their weight/volume are very important criteria to take into account and not to be taken lightly.

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