The Fromagerie du Pays Savinois

Cheese maker for several generations, Jean-Yves Marticorena and his wife opened The Fromagerie du Pays Savinois last September , offering farmhouse cheeses, cold meats from Lyon and various local products.

With a large sales area, they organized their shop as follows:

  • several  5-level shelves with a storage area at the bottom to display local products 
  • the  double-sided counters on wheels to create a customer experience in their shop with an offer at consumer eye level.
  • the  low counters behind their shop to enjoy this exhibition area without obstructing the window and the light it brings.

The Bois Vieilli finish was selected to reinforce the authentic and qualitative aspect of their shop, coming closest to the rough state of solid wood.

The choice of craftsmanship